To meet the financial requirements of medical/ healthcare professionals




Individuals & Firms / Companies / Trusts engaged in providing medical pathological / diagnostic services where minimum 51% of shareholding / stake is held by qualified doctors.

2.Proponents should be professionally qualified in the age group of 25 to 60 years with minimum three years’ experience in any Branch of medicine with minimum qualification of a degree from a recognised statutory body such as:

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicines and Bachelor of Surgery)
  • B.H.M.S (Bachelor of Homeopathic medicine and Surgery)
  • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
  • BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicines and Surgery)
  • BUMS (Bachelor of Unani medicines and surgery)
  • BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
  • BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy)



1. For acquiring premises on ownership basis or purchase of plot & construction thereof, for the purchase of establishing/ running clinics, nursing homes, pathological labs, hospitals subject to compliance with license/ registration requirements under laws of State / Central Govt. as the case may be. Or For setting up/ running clinics, nursing homes, pathological labs, hospitals on rented premises subject to compliance with license/ registration requirements under laws of State / Central Govt. as the case may be. Lease period should not be less than term loan repayment period.

2. Expansion/ renovation/ modernization of existing premises/ Clinic/ Nursing Home, Pathological lab.

3. For purchase of furniture & fixture, furnishing, renovating existing clinics, nursing home, pathological labs, hospitals.

4. For purchase of medical equipment for Clinics/Hospitals/ scanning centres/ pathological laboratories/ diagnostic centres, professional tools, computers, UPS, software, books.

5. For purchase of Ambulance/ Utility Vehicles.

6. Working Capital requirement for meeting recurring expenses, stock of medicines / consumables etc.


Nature of Facility & Repayment


For Business Premises/ Equipment Loan: Term Loan repayable in 5-10 years depending upon the purpose and viability including moratorium of 12 months. The moratorium can be extended up to 24 months in need based cases, where construction of building is also proposed along with purchase of plot, subject to ensuring viability of the project. Interest during moratorium can be capitalized.

Vehicle Loan: Term loan repayable in 5-7 years with moratorium of 1-2 months for ambulance, vans and other utility vehicles.

WC(Clean): CC/OD on clean basis

EXTENT OF FINANCE (Need based on servicing capability)

Segregated in three segments viz:

    Business Premises/ Equipment Loan WC(Clean ) Vehicle Loan
    Need based Rs. 1.00 Crores Rs 1.00 Crores

1.Business Premises / Equipment Loan: Equipment Financing by Import of machinery through LC to be permitted.

2.Vehicle Loan: For purchase of ambulance, van and other utility vehicles as per the requirement of the project subject to a cap of Rs.1.00 crore.

3.WC(Clean): To be assessed as per the project subject to cap of Rs.1.00 crore.





1. 25% for acquisition of premises and/or expansion/ renovation/ modernization of existing premises.

2. 15% for purchase of equipment/ machinery

3. 15% on cost of vehicle on road for Ambulance/ other Vehicle

4.. NIL in case of WC(clean).




  • Hypothecation of assets acquired out of Bank Finance.
  • Equitable Mortgage of property in case of construction/acquisition/ renovation of Land & Building.


  • Loans upto Rs.1.00 crore to be covered under CGTMSE Guarantee scheme.(subject to investment in equipments)
  • Loans above Rs 1 crore up to Rs 10 crore no collateral security to be obtained.
  • For loans above Rs 10 crore, minimum 20% collateral security to be obtained.


  • Personal guarantee of promoters /directors/Trustees etc.

Guarantee Coverage under CGTMSE

1. The CGTMSE coverage for loans up to Rs.1.00 crore, is mandatory.

2. Premium of CGTMSE Guarantee and annual fee to be borne as per present guidelines. The CGTMSE coverage should be for the entire tenure of the loan.

3. The Guarantee coverage under CGTMSE will be available as per the terms, eligibility criteria and premium defined under the scheme



ROI Should be linked with RBLR: at present RBLR + BSS: 6.85%

    Type Credit Risk Premium
    Term Loan/WC (Clean)
    No collateral or <25% 1.00%
    If MV of collateral >25% 0.75%
    If MV of collateral >50% 0.50%
    Vehicle Loan 1.00%

For encouragement and support of women entrepreneurs and professionals (Doctors) where minimum 51% of shareholding/stake is held by women, additional concession of 50 BPS shall be offered in ROI as permitted under Priyadarshini Scheme.


Processing Fees and Documentation Charges

Processing Charges

  • 50% of applicable charges plus service tax for all facilities.
  • Valuation / Title search / Stamp Duty / CERSAI / Registration charges as per actual.

Other Benefits

  • No processing fee for retail loans to spouse.
  • Free debit card.
  • Free internet banking
  • 50% discount on maintenance charge of D-Mat a/c.
  • There is no prepayment penalty if the loan is adjusted by the borrower from his own verifiable legitimate sources