Sangini Debit Card

Sangini Debit Card


Target Group


Women in the age group of 18 years and above.


All Women account holders. They can be either Single or Joint account holders. If you are a “Mahila Savings Bank Account” customer, you can also apply for this Card and enjoy its benefits.

Daily Withdrawal & Transaction Limit

  At BOI ATMs Other Bank’s ATM At POS Machines
Sangini Debit Card Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 25,000/-



For the First year it is FREE. From the second year onwards 50% of the prevailing rates.

Year Other Debit Card Charges Sangini Debit Card Charge Sangini Debit Card in BOI Star MAHILA SB ACCOUNT Charge
After 1st Year Rs. 120/- (for Branches in Metro and Urban Areas) Rs. 60/- (for Branches in Metro and Urban Areas) FREE
After 1st Year Rs. 60/- (for Branches in Semi-Urban and Rural Areas) Rs. 30/- (for Branches in Semi-Urban and Rural Areas) FREE

Special Concessions

  • 50% concession in the annual fees (as table above)
  • Bank of India offers 50% MORE Star Points (Loyalty Reward Points) to Sangini Debit Card Holders. You get 1.5 Points in place of 1 Point for every. Rs.100 spent, for every card usage at POS/e-commerce transactions. These points can be redeemed against very lucrative range of services/goods.
  Other Debit Card Points Sangini Debit Card Points
Points 1 1.5

*calculated at the end of the month

Each point earned by the customer will be valued at Rs.0.25. These points so earned can be redeemed at any point of time upto next 36 months from the month of purchase. The redemption of these reward points can be done after threshold limit of 100 points in exchange of various Gift items including over 2 million merchandise and Movie Tickets/Bus Tickets/Air Tickets/ Gift Vouchers etc.