International Travel Card Detail

International travel card


We have introduced a new product Bank of India International Travel Card which can be issued in various denominations subject to the purpose of travel and option of currency as detailed below and as per the requirement of the purchaser. This is the best alternative and substitute of Traveller cheque.

Salient features of Bank of India International Travel Card are as under –

  • Available in currency : US Dollars.
  • The Card is a VISA Card.
  • Minimum loading of US$ 250.00.
  • Valid upto the expiry period mentioned on the Card.
  • Backed by extensive VISA Network. (It can be used in over one million ATMs and over 14 million Visa Merchant Outlets, across the world, except in India, Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Competitive Exchange rates.
  • Savings on Cross currency (when used in other than currency denominated countries).
  • Dedicated 24x7 Helpline.
  • Convenience of reloading the card for repetitive usages during the validity of the card.
  • Fee of Rs.100/- for re-issue of card in lieu of lost card.