Gift Card

Gift Card

  • Visa cards
  • Non reloadable
  • Valid for one year from date of issuance or printed expiry date. whichever earlier,
  • Minimum Amount of Issue: Rs.500/-Thereafter in multiples of Rs.1/- with a maximum amount up to Rs. 10,000/-
  • Maximum Amount of Issue: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Daily transaction limit: Up to the balance in the Card.
  • Domestic cards
  • Will work only on POS machine. not restricted to any particular Merchant Establishment/ Point of Sale.
  • Cash Withdrawals at ATM and eCOM transactions are Not Permitted
  • Free balance inquiry with transaction receipt indicating the balance online at http://www.bankofindia.co.in/giftcardform
  • For issuance of Gift Card in lieu of Lost Card a charge of Rs. 100/- will be levied.
  • All branches are authorized to issue Gift Cards
  • Maximum amount of issue up to Rs. 10000/-

Documents to be obtained at the time of issuance of Gift cards.

  • If the applicant is having account with the bank, then the account should be KYC compliant, and the latest KYC document must have been obtained and recorded in the system.
  • Upto Rs. 1000/ - any acceptable Identity document of the applicant
  • Upto Rs. 5,000/- any identiy proof issued by Government authorizes for the applicant
  • Above Rs. 5000/- to Rs.10,000 /-the normal KYC documents obtained at the time of opening of the accounts to be obtained for the applicant



Flat Charges – Rs. 50/- per card irrespective of amount.

Expired Gift cards


In case the Gift card is expired and the balance is above Rs.100/- the amount could be refunded to the customer after deducting Rs. 35/- as maintenance charges per month subsequent to the date of expiry of the card. The claim for refund should be lodged within the Three months from the date of expiry of the card.

Customer care


Inquiry – 022-40426006 /1800 220 088

Hot listing of Gift Card


All India Toll-free No. 1800 22 00 88 or 022-40426005