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Depository Services

Bank of India is one of the leading Depository Service providers. With a view to adding value to our banking services and making available the numerous benefits of depository system to our clients, Bank of India has been offering DEMAT/Depository services through both the Depositories viz. National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. (CDSL).

Demat Account can be opened by individuals including NRIs, Partners, Corporates, Stock Brokers and Clearing Members of Stock Exchanges with any of our Branches. Our Centralised DP Offices (BOI NSDL DPO and BOI CDSL DPO) is situated in Fort, Mumbai and all our Branches in India (including Rural Branches) facilitate opening of Demat Account.

Distinguishing Features of Demat Account (Star secure Account)
  • No Account Opening charges/No custody fee
  • Competitive Annual Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) which is as low as NIL p.a. to Rs.350/- for Resident Individual Clients as per below: Holding value up to Rs.50000/- AMC is NIL; Holding value Rs.50001/- to Rs.200000/- AMC is Rs.100/- p.m. and Holding value above Rs.200000/- AMC is Rs.350/- p.m.
  • Facility of opening Demat Account from any of the BOI Branches, including Rural branches Sophisticated Back Office System for effective customer service through networking of large number of Designated Branches.
  • More than 300 branches (Designated Branches) enabled to provide time critical DP services to clients through DP Secure module (NSDL / CDSL) Clients can submit Delivery Instructions Slip (DIS) to their nearest Branch for execution or they may submit to our Centralised DPO in Mumbai and confirm the same. (DIS is required to be submitted by those clients who do not place their orders through their Online Trading Account)
  • Clients who have opened a Online Trading Account (3-in-1 Account), can buy/sell shares over phone or through Internet. No need to submit DIS separately Statement is sent to all customers every quarter. If there are any transactions in the account, statement is sent every month.