Credit Card Payment

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What is this online payment ?


Bank of India Direct Billing Credit Card customers can now make their Credit Card payments online in a secure and convenient manner from other Banks Internet banking account

Can I make an online payment from any account with other Bank to my Bank of India Direct Billing Credit Card?


Yes you can, provided you have the following:

  • A Bank of India Direct Billing Credit Card for which the payment is to be made.
  • A Net Banking Account with transaction facility with any of the Banks, for which the facility is enabled.

What are the steps for making the payment ?

Step 1 Browse to Payment Page
  Visit our Bank’s website – www.bankofindia.com and click on the link http://www.bankofindia.co.in/english/CreditcardPayment.aspx On the disclaimer page, click on the link Proceed
Step 2 Provide card and related details and select the bank
  Provide your card and relevant details.
Select the Bank through which you intend to Pay.
You need to have Net Banking facility with Fund Transfer with the selected Bank
Confirm the details, post which you shall be taken to the selected Banks payment page/s.
Step 3 Authorize and Authentic the Payment
  Authenticate and authorize the Payment by providing your credentials on the selected Bank’s site.
On successful authentication and authorization, your bank account shall be instantaneously debited.
Step 4 Payment Confirmation
  You shall receive success message for payment along with a unique Transaction reference number.
Please note this reference number for future references.
You may quote this reference number for future correspondence with the Bank.

What are the details that are required for making the payment?

  • You need to enter the 16 digit Bank of India Credit Card number.
  • Your contact detail
  • Amount to be paid.
  • Bank through which payment is intended to be made.

Can I make part payments ?

Yes, you can opt to make payment either in full or in part. On success, payment shall be accounted within three working days from the date of payment.

Can I make multiple payments?


There is no cap/ restriction on the number of payments that can be made.

How long shall it take for the payment to get reflected to the Credit Card Account?


The payment shall get reflected Credit Card Account within 3 working days from the date of payment

What if I experience a Transaction failure, but the amount has already been debited from my Bank Account?


We request you to wait for 3 days and then call us along with the transaction reference number to check, if the Payment has been applied to the Credit Card Account or not .

If your transaction does not reflect in our system, we shall initiate reversal of the amount.

Please note: You will need to make payment to your credit card through alternative means, in case of a failed transaction.

What if I don’t remember/ have not noted my Transaction reference number?

The transaction reference number gets printed in your statement of account. Hence, the same may be referred and noted.

Is the transaction ID, unique for every payment?

Yes, for every transaction, you will receive a unique transaction reference number which is unique and should be quoted in all interactions with us.

Is there any fee for this facility?

No, this is a FREE Service.

Is my transaction being carried out securely?

Every transaction is carried out with utmost security through SSL technology to encrypt data such that it cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals. A transaction will be carried out only if your login on Net Banking of your bank account is successful.

What if I have entered a wrong card number by mistake?

If your credit card account is not credited with the payment, please call our Customer Care/ Call Centre and quote your transaction reference number. In case of a failed transaction, the Payment will be credited to your resp. bank account within 5-7 days, if not, please get in touch with your account bank for further information. Please make alternate payment to your credit card in order to avoid late payment charges.