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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Corporate


While making payment by Customer having workflow facility, error- "Next approver cannot approve your transaction" occurs to the Customer.

Error- "Next approver cannot approve your transaction" may occur due to one of the following reasons:-
1. While making payment, initiator/approver has been asked for choosing "Next approver" from Lookup button. If User has not selected any approver i.e. "Next approver" field is blank and User clicks on Submit button, then the above error occurs. Customer should be advised to choose Next approver while initiating payment.
2. If Workflow limits are not properly set for the User, then the above error occurs. Branch need to contact Corporate Internet Banking section in this regard.
3. While transaction initiated by Approver/checker instead of initiator/maker.

Branch requested for new Corporate Internet Banking passwords of the Customer but Customer is complaining about non-delivery of passwords.

Branch need to check IBSTATUS menu in Finacle. There are two possibilities:-
Record is available in IBSTATUS- If record is available in IBSTATUS, it means that STCON entered by the branch is successfully uploaded in Corporate Internet Banking.
(i) Customer name is not individual- If Customer name is company/firm name then internet banking request is rejected by the Corporate Dept.. Branch need to send "Modification of User Name (Corporate)" IOM format to Boi.Ecorporate@bankofindia.co.in for updating the User name and dispatching his/her passwords.
(ii) Speed Post Tracking details not available- If "Login/Transaction Password Speed Post Doc. No" column shows "NA" and there is no issue in Customer name, then branch need to contact Corporate Internet Banking section of CBO (Centralised Back Office) department. (iii) Speed Post details available but User didn't get passwords- In such scenario, check the status of Speed Post from India Post website (https://www.indiapost.gov.in/_layouts/15/dop.portal.tracking/trackconsignment.aspx) and try to find out the reason for non-delivery of passwords. First of all, check the address in IBSTATUS as padsswords will be dispatched on address available in IBSTATUS, not in CUMM/FINACLE.

Mobile No. of the User is changed or error- "Mobile No. not registered" occurs while making a transaction.

Branch should enter new Mobile no. details in CORPMOB menu in Finacle. Mobile no. will be updated in IBSTATUS (or Internet Banking) on next working day in the morning.
If Mobile no. is still not updated and Customer wants to do immediate transaction, then branch should send an IOM to Boi.Ecorporate for updation of Mobile no. of the User.

User status is "Expired" in IBSTATUS. Customer has not used Internet Banking from a long time.

Internet banking account of the User becomes "Expired" if user did not login into Corporate Internet Banking for more than 360 days. Branch need to send an IOM to Boi.Ecorporate for activation of User status and regeneration of password/s. New Internet Banking password/s will be generated and send to the Customer's communication address available IN Cororate IB .

Customer is unable to receive Internet Banking passwords on his/her address. On inquiry in IBSTATUS, branch finds that address is wrong?

In spite of address updation in CUMM, new address will not be automatically updated in IBSTATUS (or Corporate Internet Banking) as Corporate IB and Finacle are not linked, In such cases branch has to send an IOM to Boi.Ecorporate for address updation and regeneration of passwords if required.

Corporate customer wants to add new Users and wants to generate passwords for them?

Branch cannot update STCON entry in Finacle, therefore it is not possible to add new Users in existing Corporate Internet Banking account. In such cases, branches should send Full four/five pages Corporate Application form for adding new Users. New Users details must be mentioned on page no. 2 of Corporate Application form with facility details.

Branch sent Corporate Application form to Boi.Ecorporate@bankofindia.co.in mentioning that Users should be granted C/D/E/F/G facility but on inquiring in IBSTATUS, branch finds that User/s has been granted "B-Tax Payment" facility instead of higher facility demanded in the Application form?

If in Corporate Application form, higher facility is demanded (greater than B) but Mode of Operation is Jointly in Finacle and Hierarchy (on page no. 3) and workflow (on page no. 4) are not mentioned, then default "B-Tax Payment" facility is allotted to the User/s. if Mode of Operation is Jointly in Finacle then Branches should make sure that Hierarchy and Workflow is provided on the Corporate Application form.

"Application setup error" occurs to the Customer?

The error may occur when customer use Boi net banking thru Google.

Please always use the below steps –


Type the URL https://www.bankofindia.co.inin your address bar of the browser. This will direct you to the Home page of the Bank Of India website.
After this, please click on Retail/Corporate link available on the page under Internet Banking section.