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Foreign Currency Swing Limit

Eligible borrowers

1. Export earning units and other customers with 'AAA' or 'AA' credit rating.
2. Customers with credit rating 'A', having natural hedge.


1. Working Capital.

2. Demand Loan for purchase of new plant and machinery, acquisition of equipments and other assets.


Minimum US Dollars 100,000/-.
Lending only in US Dollars.


Working Capital - Min. 3 months, Max. 18 months.

Conversion of existing rupee working capital facilities into FCL facility can be allowed.
Demand Loans - Min. 12 months, Max. 36 months.

Rate of Interest

Interest rate linked to LIBOR + applicable spread based on credit rating, payable at quarterly intervals.*

Commitment Fee

1% p.a. of unutilised amount of FCL after 3 months of execution of documents.
In case the sanction is requested to be revalidated, revalidation fee @ 0.25% of the entire sanctioned amount (maximum USD 5000/-) is applicable.

Processing Charges

Rs. 145/- per lakh or part thereof, Maximum Rs.1,45,000/-.

In case of conversion of existing facilities, no additional processing charges are recovered. Transaction cost ranging from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.25,000/- is levied at the time of conversion.

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