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Dairy Development

  1. To establish small dairy unit with 2 to 4 milch cattle.
  2. To establish new medium /large unit.
  3. Collection, processing ,distribution of milk & manufacturing of milk products.
  4. Purchase of improved/crossbreed milch cattle.
  5. Construction of cattle shad.
Eligibility Farmer, Agriculture labours, Registered partnership firm, limited companies, dairy co-operative societies, SHGs.(For Commercial Dairy, submission of project report is necessary)
Quantum of finance

As per unit cost approved by NABARD / Project Cost

Loan upto Rs. 100,000/- Hypothecation of live stocks etc.
Loans above Rs. 100,000 /-

(i) Hypothecation of live stocks
(ii) Mortgage of land OR declaration as per agril. credit act OR collateral security of adequate worth.
(iii) Third party guarantee if stipulated.

Loan upto Rs. 100,000 /- NIL
Loan above Rs. 100,000/-

15% to 25%

Rate of Interest

As per interest rate decided by the Bank from time to time.

Repayment To be repaid within 5 to 6 years with 2 to 3 months moratorium period.
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