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Card Payment through NEFT

NEFT Payment

Pay your BOI Card dues through NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer).


To avail this service visit your bank's net banking & add BOI Card as a beneficiary under third party transfer.


Benefits of NEFT


Convenient Payment option- You can use any bank account that offers NEFT facility to pay your BOI Card bill online or through the Branch of your Bank.


How to make payment-using NEFT?

a) Visit your bank's net banking & add BOI Card holder’s name as a beneficiary under third party transfer.

b) Add IFSC code BKID0000101 for making BOI Card payment.

c) Please enter your 16 digit BOI Card number in the place for Account number on the banking page

d) Fill Bank name – BOI Credit CARD - NEFT and Bank Address – Card Products Dept., Bank of India, Mumbai Main Branch, 4th Floor, 70/80 MG Road, Mumbai 400 021.

e) After completing the registration make your BOI Card payment through this payment mode.

You can also visit your Branch of the Bank where you maintain account, and provide the details like IFSC Code (stated above) and 16 digit cards BOI Credit Card Number, Name of beneficiary (as above) for sending the NEFT for your BOI credit card dues.


* Payment will reflect within 2 working days in your BOI Credit Card account.

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