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VISA Platinum EMV Card

  • It is Chip card with magnetic strip.
  • Card valid in India, Nepal and at all foreign centers across the GLOBE, wherever VISA logo is displayed.
  • Charges applicable to Public and Staff.
  • Since it is a chip card it is more safe for POS transactions;it would require PIN for Pos transaction .
  • The card will work at ATM on magnetic stripe only in India.
  • Maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn from – ATM – Rs. 50,000 per day
  • Maximum amount of withdrawal on ATM is 50% of the spending limit
  • Billing cycle is from 1st day of current month to last day of the current t month.
  • And payment is to be made on or before 21st of next month which mostly suits the requirement of salaried class whose date of payment is around 15th of month.