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Kisan Tatkal Loan Scheme


An instant credit for farming community to meet the emergency requirements for Agriculture and Domestic purposes for tiding over temporary difficulties i.e.

  1. Repair of farm equipment (tractor, pump set, trolley etc assets free of any charge)
  2. Repair/ construction of cattle shed, farm produce storage unit

Existing KCC individual borrowers/ joint borrowers
(not exceeding 4 farmers)

Quantum of finance

Minimum : Rs.1000/-
Maximum; Rs.50000/-
(Subject to ceiling at 50% of KCC limit/ 25% of annual income)

  • Existing security/ies obtained for KCC to be continued
    No additional securities to be obtained even if the combined exposure (KCC + Proposed loan) exceeds the present cut-off ceiling of Rs.1 lakh


Rate of interest
  • Linked to Base rate as decided by bank as applicable to card rate for KCC ( without interest subvention) ( to arrive at ROI, all limits/ credit facilities may be clubbed for the farmer borrower).
Service Charges


  • 3 to 5 years in half yearly/ annual instalments

After the harvest period of the crops, the farmer/s shall be eligible for the loan

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