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Particulars Diamond Savings Account Scheme
Initial Deposit NIL
(No Minimum Balance requirement)
Average Quarterly Balance(AQB) AQB - Rs.1.00 Lac & above for all categories of Branches
Tierisation of Saving Bank Accounts based on Average Quarterly Balance Up-gradation and down-gradation of tierised Savings Bank Account every quarter by the system on the basis of AQB maintained in the last quarter. The system extends the benefits automatically, if accounts fall under diamond category and vice-versa.
Issuance of cheque book No charges on issue of cheque Book
Charges of Debit entries in Saving Bank Account (ATM/Internet transaction not to be reckoned) No Debit Entry Charges
Issue of Demand Drafts/Pay Order through customer account No Charges on issue of Demand Draft/Pay Order through customer account. Free up to 1 Lac per Demand Draft
Revalidation/Cancellation of Drafts No charges on cancellation of Drafts
NEFT/RTGS through Internet Banking No charges on NEFT/RTGS through Internet Banking
Stop Payment of Cheque Charges Waived
Retail Loans* 100 % Waiver of Processing Charges on Home Loan, Vehicle Loan and Personal Loan. The Account should be in diamond category for 6 months prior to sanction date of Home Loan, Vehicle Loan and Personal Loan
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