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BOI Savings Plus Scheme * (Deposit Product)

SALIENT FEATURES (Effective from 1-2-2007)

  1. BOI Savings Plus is a mix of Savings Bank Account and Term Deposit Account.
  2. It aims at maximizing the earnings for the customer, without jeopardizing liquidity.
  3. Minimum balance in SB portion is Rs.25,000/- and minimum balance in Term Deposit Portion is Rs.5,000/-.
  4. Any amount in excess of Rs.25,000/- in the SB portion will be auto swept out into the SDR or DBD portion in multiples of Rs.5,000/- on daily basis.
  5. In the SDR portion, monies can be invested for any period from 15 days to 179 days, as per the customer's choice. In the DBD portion, monies can be invested from 6 months upto and including 10 years, as per the customer's choice.
  6. Upon maturity, the principal in the SDR/DBD portion would be auto-renewed for an equal period, while the interest would be credited to the SB portion on the concerned due date. The same, if not withdrawn can be swept back again into SDR/DBD for a period of the customer's choice.
  7. In case the balance in the SB portion is short of the required level to meet cheques presented in the A/c., funds from SB Plus portion will be auto swept in, into the SB portion, in multiples of Rs.1,000/- on daily basis. Although this would amount to Payment before Maturity, no penalty would be charged. The latest SDR/DBD deposit would be closed before maturity (in multiples of Rs.1,000/-) to ensure that the customer does not have to bear higher loss (i.e. LIFO principle to apply).
  8. Non-maintenance of minimum balance prescribed in the SB portion, will attract a penalty of Rs.200/- per quarter.
  9. Rate of Interest on the SB portion would be as applicable to the regular SB deposits, while the Rate of Interest on the SDR/DBD portion will depend on the tenure for which each deposit is placed, and at the ruling Interest Rate as on the date the deposit is placed or renewed.
  10. TDS norms would apply as per extant rules.
  11. Nomination Facility is available as per the prevailing banking norms
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