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Poultry Development

  • Establishment of small poultry (layer or broiler) units of 200 to 500 birds as subsidiary occupation by the farmers and agricultural labourers.
  • Individual registered partnership firms, limited companies and registered co-operative societies having necessary trained and technical personnel and management experts for running following commercial poultry units –
    • Establishment/ expansion of layer farm/ broiler farm
    • Establishment/ expansion of hatchery farm
    • Establishment/expansion of production-cum-processing units.
  1. Individual Farmers, Agricultural Labourers who are experienced/ trained in poultry management, Individual Registered Partnership Firms, Limited Companies, etc., are eligible for bank credit for large poultry units.
  2. These units should have trained/ technically qualified personnel for running the unit. 
Quantum of finance The amount of finance will depend upon the type and size of the poultry unit.

Principal/ Collateral

  • Loans upto Rs.1.00 lakh –
    1. Hypothecation of live stocks & others
  • Loan limit above Rs.1.00 lakh -
    1. Hypothecation of live stocks & others.
    2. Equitable or Legal Mortgage or Deed of Declaration of land/ superstructure, as appropriate.
    3. Suitable Third Party Guarantee 
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