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  1. Loans/Overdraft will be available in non-repatriable Indian Rupees.
  2. As per RBI Guidelines loans will be made available for personal purposes or for carrying on business activities except for the purpose of re-lending or speculative purposes or carrying on agricultural/plantation activities or for investment in real estate business.
  3. Repayment shall be made either by adjustment of the deposit or by fresh inward remittances from outside India.
  4. The loan can also be repaid out of local rupee resources in the NRO account of the borrower.
  5. For acquiring a flat/house in India for his/her own residential use subject to the provisions of the relevant Regulations made under the Act of Reserve Bank of India.
  6. As per current RBI guidelines in force, Rupee loans is allowed to depositor / third party without any ceiling subject to usual margin requirements For further details, please contact your nearest Bank of India Branch.
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