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Financing against pledge of Warehouse Receipt

Scheme for financing against pledge of Warehouse Receipt and/ or Hypothecation of Farm Produce
1. Purpose
  • To provide finance/ funds to the farmers for their farm/ off-farm needs.
  • To help farmers avoid distress sale of their produce. 
2. Eligibility
  • Non defaulting individual farmers (owner/ tenant farmer & share cropper), group of farmers (JLGs), engaged in production of crops suitable for storage in warehouse/ godown/ cold storage/ regulated market yards, etc.
  • Farmers enjoying KCC facility as well as non-borrower farmers are eligible.  
3. Quantum of finance

70% to 60% of market value of farm produce depending upon accreditation of warehouse with WDRA. 
Max. Rs.50 lakh.

4. Security
  • Farmers enjoying KCC –
    1. Hypothecation of  farm produce/ pledge of warehouse receipts
  • Other farmers  –
    1. Pledge of warehouse receipts.
5. Margin

30% to 40%
WDRA Accredited – 30%

Non Accredited      - 40%
6. Rate of Interest
  • Other than Small & Marginal Farmers –
    1. Upto Rs.3 lakh   - 1% over Base Rate
    2. Over Rs.3 lakh to Rs.10 lakh – 1.5% over Base Rate
    3. Over Rs.10 lakh to Rs.50 lakh – 2% over Base Rate
  • Small/ Marginal Farmers – who are enjoying KCC facility may get Interest subvention for maximum period of 6 months – upto a limit of Rs.3 lakh.
7. Repayment

To be liquidated within 12 months from the date of disbursement.

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