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Capital Gain Tax Saving Scheme

Capital Gain Accounts Scheme 1988 is applicable to eligible taxpayers who wish to claim exemption u/s 54 for capital gain .

1 Branches Authorized Non Rural Branches (i.e. All Semi Urban/Urban/Metro Branches
2 Types of Accounts Account ‘A’ (Savings Bank) Account ‘B’ (Term Deposit cumulative/ non-cumulative) (Savings Plus Scheme not permitted)
3 Account Opening Form( KYC compliance) Form – A (in duplicate) + Proof of Address + Copy of PAN Card + Photograph + unstamped HUF Letter in case of account is for HUF (non-trading)
4 Rate of Interest Account ‘A’ – Applicable to SB Accounts Account ‘B’ – As per Bank’s TDR Rates.
5 Withdrawal## Amount can be withdrawn from deposit “A” (Savings Bank Account) by furnishing an application in form ‘C’ alongwith Pass Book.( No cheque book will be issued.)
## Premature withdrawal from Deposit ‘B’ (TDR) is permitted by converting account from ‘B’ to ‘A’ . Form B will be used for conversion of Account ‘B’ to ‘A’.

6 Further withdrawal For subsequent withdrawal form ‘D’ (in duplicate) by giving the details showing the manner/ purpose for which the previous withdrawal has been utilized Banks are not obliged to allow further withdrawal if above referred particulars are not furnished. 
7 Mode of payment Any withdrawal over Rs.25,000/- should be affected by Bank, only by crossed DD. 
8 Utilization of Amount withdrawn Amount drawn from Account ‘A’ has to be utilized within 60 days from the date of such withdrawal for the purpose mentioned in the relevant sections. Unutilized amount should be re-deposited in Account ‘A’ immediately. Non-compliance of this rule will render the depositor to lose exemptions under relevant section.
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