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Agri Clinics

Objective & Purpose
  1. To supplement the efforts of Government extension system
  2. To make available supplementary sources of input supply and services to needy farmers

  3. Purpose –
  4. To provide gainful employment to agriculture graduates in new emerging areas in agricultural sector
Eligibility The scheme is open to Agriculture Graduates/Graduates in subjects allied to agriculture like horticulture, animal husbandry, forestry, dairy, veterinary, poultry farming pisciculture and other allied activities.
EDP Traning to Agri Graduates SFAC/NABARD would be arranging a 2-month long intensive training to the agriculture graduates in accounting, business and related matters free of cost at selected centres throughout India. Upon completion of the said programme they would be issued a certificate and a registration number.
Selection of Borrowers Selection of borrowers and location of the projects could be done by bank in consultation with the Agricultural Universities, KVKs/ Agriculture Departments of the State, etc.
Quantum of finance Agricultural graduates may take up the project either individually or on joint/ group projects. The outer ceiling for the cost of project by individual would be Rs.10 lakh and for the project by group would be Rs.50 lakh.
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